Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whatever helps I guess...

Last month we got Aila a new bed. She was so excited! She talked about it for weeks, asking daily when we would dis-assemble the old wooden bed, and put up her new on. Yes, she was one excited little girl!

That is...until the old bed was removed from her room. All of a sudden she became distraught. She cried and cried "I miss my old bed...after all, its the only bed I've ever known! I don't like this at all...please...can I have it back? I miss is it sooo much!"

Aila: *sniffle* Can I sleep with a piece of my old bed? Just so that I don't feel so far away from it?
Jason: errr...sure...(??)

And sure enough, this is how we found her the next morning.

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