Thursday, January 6, 2011

just eat it

When we call the kids for dinner, they always ask "What are we having?" There is always one of them who is happy about the menu, and one who isn't so happy with it. There are always some comments or complaints...and recently we've had to put our foot down. If you didn't MAKE the dinner, you can't COMPLAIN about the dinner. Keep opinions to yourself...and try to just be thankful!

Well tonight, Anneka groaned slightly at the meal I had prepared. While I could see that Aila shared Anneka's opinion this time around...Aila immediately took the opposite approach to avoid getting in trouble. But she first took the opportunity to loudly correct Anneka. (making sure I was listening of course)

"Anneka, don't complain. You should be thankful. Mommy worked VERY hard to make us this dinner."
Then she turned to me
"Don't listen to Anneka, Mommy...this is the best dinner you've ever cooked!!" 

It was hot dogs.

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