Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Scar

When Aila was 2, she had a birthmark removed from her lower back. It left her with quite a scar (around 3.5 inches long!). Being Aila, she's not embarrassed one bit about it. In fact, she's pretty proud to have such a big scar that gets so much attention when she's in a bathing suit. The only problem is that saying "I had a birthmark removed" is a really boring answer for such a fantastic scar! So she's come up with a couple funny answers for people when they inquire about what happened.

Random Person: did you get that scar?
Aila: That? Oh...that's where they put in my robot kidneys.

Random Person: What's that scar from, Aila?
Aila: *eyes bugging out* Shark attack!!!

Random Person: Oh dear...that's quite a big scar you have!
Aila: You think THIS is bad? You should see the OTHER GUY!

1 comment:

  1. ok- this sounds SO cliche, but SERiously, WHERE does she come up with this stuff!?!???