Monday, April 5, 2010

These are just from dinner tonight...

Aila sometimes misses saying her F's, and instead uses a TH sound. She also leaves out R's and uses W's instead (Serious becomes See-wee-us) We try to gently correct her when it comes up, but when it happened at dinner Aila huffed with exasperation and replied

"But I don't WANT to say ffffffinger....I like saying Thhhhh-inger!"


Jason: Hey girls....tomorrow is the first day of Autumn!
Aila: *rolls her eyes* NO Daddy, you're wrong! Tomorrow isn't the first day of Autumn, TODAY is the last day of SUMMER!


I was making a grocery list, and Jason was interjecting things that he needed for himself (for me to add to the list)

Finally Aila lifted her hands, raised her eyebrows and exclaimed
" you think it's all about you in the world?'s about Jesus!"
(She meant to refer to a phrase similar to "Centre of the Universe")

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